Thursday, February 19, 2009


Last night I got to talk to NMC face to face, well sort of. They were doing their Rwanda night and they wanted to hear about the upcoming vision in June so they Skyped me in. It was pretty cool except for the thought that my big head was plastered in front of a few hundred people. I felt a little bit like the wizard of Oz, a big head on a screen, but in actually in hiding out in my hole in the wall office. Below are their interview questions and my answers with a few add ons.

How did this idea for a Rwandan Exodus come about?
I was in Sudan with Sammy Tippit and roomed with Sammy's administrator, Joseph. Joseph was basically an Unusual Soldier for Christ from Rwanda. Joseph and I began to dream about reaching the unreached edges of Rwanda. While trying to discern whether to do another Exodus so quickly I called Derry at NMC to get his thoughts. He then gathered a group of students and God specifically spoke to some Junior Highers and now we are here a few months later.

What is Joseph's burden and vision for Rwanda?
Here is Joseph's latest email:
Dear Brother Caleb,
Praise God , I have a Heavy Burden of Reaching my fellow Rwandan People with the word of God .Genocide left hearts wounded , and there is need for healing, Unity and reconciliation.These can be achieved through the power of the word of God in People's Hearts .There many different places in Rwanda were they are not reached with the Gospel in West Rwanda ,South , rural and Forest Areas They need Christ and Gospel But nobody is reaching them.
Our Vision is to reach out these Areas Through Evangelism and Equip believers to reach out and Plant Churches all over Rwanda.
We are praying for you ,
God Bless you.
Pastor Joseph Karasanyi

How will this Exodus be different than the Exodus with the Maasai?
Joseph has already planted 50 churches since the genocide so we are going to let him run with the vision. His vision will also be about reaching multiple people groups rather than just one.

What drives you to go to these places?
I have an apostolic calling. Which basically means I am a "PRYO" for Jesus. I go into a place start a fire (movement) for Christ and then I back away and pray that it continues to burn. I am also most burdened for Dark and Dangerous places because those tend to be the places that every body else avoids. For some reason those are the places where my spirit comes most alive.

How do you overcome the fear of going into these places?
Here are the first three reasons that come to mind.
First. I got what I call the "Crazy Blood". My Dad was a race car driver and I was a Motocrosser. We both lived for the Edge, but it began to seem pointless to hurt myself just trying to hit the next big jump so all that edge is now expressed in attempting to rescue people for Christ in new places.

Second. You got to have a "Crazy Love"for people. I actually thought of that term before it became a book, but its all good FC. The bible says that perfect love cast out fear. When we recently went into solitary confinement in Guatemala. Our love for these criminals that we were warned about was stronger than our fear of them. If your love for people is bigger than your fear of them you can go anywhere God leads you.

Third. If things go ugly then seriously what is the worst thing somebody can do to you...send you to Heaven? That don't sound too bad. The door to get there may be a little painful but once your there..your there.

How does your family deal with your missionary endeavors?
Jess explained to the group how she knew my wild spirit before she married me and that she fully supports it. Good byes are tough but once I am gone she and Trace often stay busy to keep from worrying. She simply tells people that she wants to love Caleb with all her heart for the time that God allows her to have him-whether that be long or short.

How can someone begin to train to do the kind of ministry that you do?
Its all right here. Check out Stranded.

Anything else you would like to add Caleb?
God recently spoke to my heart and said, "Never get tired or weary to making an impact on the world, because it is worth it every time." The NMC students and myself have been able to have an impact on Africa in the past but God continues to tell me personally to not get use to changing the world for His Glory. Its worth it every time