Thursday, February 5, 2009

Orchestrated "Coincidences" List (Central America)

1. We all make it to our hotel in El Salvador without any problems.

2. We are dropped off in the middle of Honduras (no translator). We have no idea how to navigate to our destination. We see a bus leaving, flag it down, and it just happens to take us to our desired destination.

3. We hear worship music from our Hostel in Honduras on Saturday night. We meet a spirit filed congregations that often sends teams to the unreached. Some speak English. We got out our contact for future endeavors.

4. We are dropped off at a Pizza place in Guatemala City (no translator). We walk to an internet cafe to try to make contact with a potential translator, Jonathan. Jonathan left an email that morning with his phone number. We call him. Jonathan just happens to live 4 blocks away from the internet cafe. We WALK to his house in this metropolitan of 7,156,000 people.

5. Jonathan can't travel with us so he calls his "Hippie" Christian friend, Gabo. Gabo was suppose to be in Honduras but night before he left he felt like he needed to stay home for some reason. We were that reason, unknown to him. He became our guide/translator for the duration of the trip.

6. Gabo had to get his Visa for Mexico on the day we were going to the Prison. To our amazement we met a strong believer at Jonathan's house. This man had not visited Jonathan's house for a year 1/2 but felt like he needed to come over. He was a funny guy who loved Jesus and drove us all over town at his expense. He invited us to his house and it was there that we met his wife, Anna, who speaks perfect English. We worship the Lord together in tear filled praise and Anna becomes our translator for the Prison.

7. While we wait for dinner at Anna's house they show us a DVD called Children of the Dump. Our original plan had nothing to do with going there, but we were told to meet a missionary there that day. This was apparently God's plan to increase our burden.

8. We are told by phone that we need to give the prison a week's notice before we can enter. The next day we go there anyway. The guards grant us favor and let us in the next day.

9. We go to an area of Mayan offerings to pray. We meet a Mayan priest. He tells us about dreams he had about Jesus calling out to him and a dream he had about us visiting him two days ago.

(more to come)