Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tragedy Strikes in Threes

It seems to be true that multiple tragedies seem to strike at the same time.

1. One of my best buds Derry had a tragedy strike his family this week. I just talked to Derry last week about an exciting opportunity and then that night his dad, Kip, was in a accident that took his life. Life can change a so fast. Please keep Derry and his family near your hearts and in your prayers. Read Derry's reflections here.

2. Brandon Heideman, a devout Christ follower, and action sports chaplain that I met on an airplane got nailed with bad news last week. His dog got shot, he broke his leg in an MX race, and one of his best friends died in a car accident. Brandon and Derry continue to look up in the midst of tragedy.

3. The circle of Freestyle Motocrossers are also mourning the death of the legendary rider, Jeremy Lusk. Jeremy attempted a sick backflip in competition and came up short. Resulting in a head injury that took his life. I immediately started reseaching the news and his life and was excited to find the video below of him and Deegan. Even the "bad boys" of MX seem to have their priorities straight.