Sunday, February 8, 2009

U-Turned at the MIssion's Festival

There is no doubt about it, Mission's Events fire me up. Parkway Wesleyan was no exception. A strange thing happened today while I was at this church. During the first service this morning I gave my "Dangerous Invitation" message. While we were worshiping during the second service I began to have an inner wrestling match between myself and God. I felt like God was saying to do a totally different message than the one I did during the first service. I told myself that that was a ridiculous since the second service crowd would be a totally different group.

But the struggle continued...

Then out of the blue, a woman behind me taps me on the shoulder and asks God to fill me with fire. She then whispers to me to not be afraid to change my message if God tells me to.

"What the deally?" It was like she read my thoughts and it was 10 minutes to "GO TIME."

I quickly made the commitment to go for it, and found the only piece of paper I could find a "Business" card tucked in my bible. I write a quick message outline on it, and before I can collect all my thoughts, "I am on."

I don't know how to explain it, but I it actually flowed and I sensed a depth of God's presence that I had not felt in the recent months as a speaker.

Come to find out the woman who spoke to me was past retirement age, just buried her husband last Tuesday, and told me that she senses a call to world wide! This church definitely ranks up there with those out there that are making a GLOBAL impact.