Sunday, March 8, 2009


I have been wrestling how to do "confrontational" ministry the past couple years. I love meeting a stranger and just getting to the point, but there is a flood of people saying that the "confrontational" types need to chill out. Now, I have seen a few street preachers and I will admit that most of them have been pretty embarrassing to watch with all their shouts of damnation. Whoever all of them that have made me cringe have had a missing element...Compassion.

Imagine the impact these "crazy types" could have if compassion had led them to action rather than duty.

Check out this video of a famous loud-and-proud Atheist/magician, who recently got witnessed to in Vegas. He never came to Christ, however he had nothing bad to say about the stranger who shared Christ with him. Whoever this nameless follower of Christ was, I am convinced that he did it right.
Here is just a small example of just how far away from God this guy is (was).