Sunday, March 1, 2009


I just returned from speaking at the Midwest District Men's retreat. I expected to speak to a crowd of just a few faithful men, but surprisingly God brought out a record breaking attendance for this event. As the men were crammed together in our meeting room I was excited about the types of guys I saw in the crowd: Rednecks, Bikers, Farmers, City boys, Metalheads, Straight-Edgers, and even a few Pastors. The midwest district obviously has a "Come as you are...whoever you are" mentality.

Speaking in a room to a 'Testosterone-filled' crowd with a 'Gitter-done' mentality was a blast. However, I knew that God had not put the typical MAN topics on my heart. I was driven to see these men empowered to advance the Kingdom of God. I told them that I had a dream that the heart of America would influence the edges of America rather than the edges influencing us (Washington/Hollywood). I continued to challenge them to walk in the ways of a warrior saturating themselves in these three traits...PASSION.VISION.COURAGE.

There were no altar calls to come forward,rather a rally call to go forward. Some received a vision from God on the trip while others are still waiting. I can only hope and pray that they step forward in COURAGE to do what God has called them to do.