Monday, March 2, 2009

Cliff Jumper (Missions Mondays)

I was stoked to recently find out that a guy named Taylor from Missouri recently jumped off the cliff. Taylor is an adventurous guy who can knock it out of they park vocally. Look out American Idol.

Last year we had a long conversation in a hotel lobby about his restlessness with his faith. He wanted more than what he saw in the day to day. He did not want to waste his life. He wanted to go all out and make a difference. He wanted to go global for Jesus. He didn't want to just be a disciple he wanted to be a disciple-maker.

Taylor recently went for it. He will be taking a year off of life to find life. His pursuit will take take him on a wild journey with God in 11 countries over the next year.

You can catch up on Taylor's radical upcoming adventure here. You can begin to change the world yourself by backing Taylor in financial and prayer support here.

What about you? Can you relate to Taylor? Is God calling you to make the leap? Don't let fear have the final say...there is still time... get in on the action here. Lets GO RADICAL!