Monday, March 30, 2009


Unusual Soldiers Training Kicks off next week. With some brave individuals from Colorado, Indiana, Nebraska, and Arkansas. If you still want "in" email by Wednesday and you can fill out your forms on Sunday in Nebraska. Read more about Stranded at

- Tent
- Sleeping bag and a Sleeping mat
- Warm Clothes
- Remaining $ you owe for Stranded (if you owe)
- Bible, notebook
- Mental toughness

Initiative One:
Figure out how to get to in Franklin, Nebraska (middle of nowhere) between 2-4pm.
Tour the town until you find the the Big-Tin-Maroon-Bright Blue-Building (aka The Rock). Go inside. Sign some dotted lines and await your first mission. Stranded leaves the building at 4pm. So plan accordingly or you might get left behind. Good luck.