Monday, June 8, 2009


Caleb will be heading out to Rwanda with another guy from the US (Dustin) on Sunday. Joseph, a man Caleb met last summer in Sudan, has been planning an exodus to reach the most remote regions in Rwanda with the gospel. It will be the first time in the history of Rwanda that anything has ever been done like this. It will be an 'upgraded' version of what happened in Kenya a year ago with the Maasai. Please pray for a harvest of souls for the Kingdom and an effective discipleship strategy to be infiltrated. Joseph is believing that this exodus of radicals could touch thousands. So please join us in prayer and fasting that it does. Here is a list of things to pray for as well as some videos to increase your burden for the people of this nation.

Pray for:
1. The 25 teams to fully embrace the vision of reaching the unreached, making disciples, planting churches
2. The teams to be have a deep sense of unity
3. The safety of the 25 teams as some of them endeavor to reach places they have never been
4. That Gods will...will be done. Our small team will be endeavoring to reach out to the Pygmy tribe and DRC Refugees in the mountains of north east Rwanda
5. That the teams will be spirit led in all that they do
6. That the teams will embrace a deep burden for the lost in their country
7. That God will be Glorified in this endeavor
8. That the enemies plans of attack would fail
9. That vehicles would successfully reach their locations
10. That the effects of this Exodus would spark a disciple-making movement throughout the upcoming years.
11. That a country that has lost trust in pastors (due to their involvement in genocide) will know that there i hope and that Jesus never failed them
12. That the people of Rwanda would know that they are loved and that their pain has not been forgotten