Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Risk Everything Camp was a great camp and the theme was PERFECT! I go to alot of camps where they have a theme and then my job is to try to mold my messages into it. This Camp however did it different. They discovered my passions and molded the their theme around my boiling points. Which resulted in the words "UNUSUAL SOLDIERS", "RISK EVERYTHING", AND "EXTREME" being a part of the daily language. Needless to say that this got me 'AMPED'.

Many of the students left with a dream to change their world. It is my only hope that they put feet to their words and go for it. On Thursday night the Camp put me in a prayer station called the "Commissioning Station." I got the awesome privilige to pray over many students. This was like icing on the cake for me. Rarely... do I get to hear what students are processing and dreaming about, but at this camp I got to pray for numerous that felt called to venture out.

Here is a video a student made directly after Camp in attempts to raise up an army of Unusual Soldiers in his school. I got quite a kick out of the Unusual Soldier in the video game portion. It reminds me of all the talk we do as Christians without ever really going for it. May this be our reminder to go for it.