Friday, July 3, 2009

Rwanda Greatest Hits

1. 25 Muslims
25 Muslim women gave their hearts to Christ at one of the cinemas. A Muslim man was very upset that they would do such a thing and verbally scolded them. Despite the man's anger the women showed up to the church plant the next day without their head coverings signifying that they had chosen a new way of life. Please remember these women in your prayers. Their level of commitment will undeniably cause and uproar of animosity in their homes and possibly in their families.

2. Roadside Church
Our vehicles had numerous breakdowns. From overheating to dead batteries it seemed the enemy was doing all he could to stop us. During one of these breakdowns we decided to use it for the good of God's kingdom and began to witness walking by our vehicle. Before we knew it nearly 25 people had gathered. Numerous received Christ and said that they desperatly wanted a church in their area. A pastor that was with us committed to disciple these new believers at a location of their choice every week. They were given an solar powered audio Bible and three of the new believers committed to oversee the gathering to make sure that the beginnings of this church would be a success.

3. 10 minutes
We were preparing to to a Cinema at a new location and preparing to share the gospel with a group that had gathered. As I was preparing I felt nudged to turn the opportunity over to Dustin. Dustin seized the moment and depended on the Holy Spirit for words. God moved and numerous received Christ. From that day forward Dustin seemed to have unleashed a new found confidence in Christ.

4. Africa Time is a Myth
It is known that in Africa everything always starts and hour after the projected starting time. We had invited new believers to a church service at 8am. However on the day of the service we awoke to worship music before sunrise. When we finally got up at 7am we were surprised to see that new believers had already gathered for the church service. They were an hour early and eagerly anticipating the service which is unheard of in Africa. We had an amazing time of worship and discipleship with this group that seemed gripped to grow in Christ.

5. Undignified
We stepped into a small house only to find it crammed with people worshiping at the top of their lungs. To an outsider it may have looked like a "keg party". People were crammed in this little room, shouting, singing, smiling,and dancing wildly throughout the room. But it was not alcohol that caused them to dance without was Jesus, the ultimate high.

6. Vision becomes a Reality
On the way to the airport my ministry partner Dustin had a vision of three people receiving Christ with their hands held high in the air. Instead of sharing the vision with me he drew it in his journal. At the last place we did the Cinema I invited people to come forward and to kneel before Christ their new found King and humbly surrender their lives to him. Many came forward, but as Dustin gazed at the crown three of them side by side held their hands high to the Lord as an act of surrender. Dustin was amazed that what he had seen in a vision had become a reality.