Monday, February 22, 2010

Quick Update from Asia Trip

I got back from a scouting trip to Asia last week. It was a great trip and very different than any trip that I had been on before. There were people without Christ in every direction I looked. My heart couldn't help but be burdened. My main objective was to take in as much information as possible, and then process with the local believers on what we can do to help them fuel a movement into reaching dark unreached areas near them in the future. We are hoping to have a strategy in place by March.

I had the privilege of ministering at over twenty "venues". The venues ranged from nearly eight hundred people at a conference to one unbeliever in a hotel room, from church buildings to underground cell churches, from kids to Christian leaders, and from remote villages to inner city brothels.

I am excited about the connections that have been made and am anticipacting great things in the days ahead. I will be blogging more about the major takeaways of the trip throughout this week.