Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The boy

Yesterday the Maasai pastors and I went out on a limb to find one boy that we have sensed that God has a divine calling upon. We journeyed to the area where we last saw him two years ago. We showed Maasai people his picture and they pointed us to his home. We quickly discovered that the boy had become a moran (Maasai warrior) and that he could be anywhere. We also learned that the boy was raised by his brothers. His father had died of old age, his sister died while delivering a child, his mother died due to the stress of losing her daughter, thus leaving this boy as an orphan who grew up under the wing of his brothers. While talking to the brothers the both seemed to surrender and solidfy their personal lives in Christ.

The brothers pointed us in a direction to seach for their young brother. As we made a 1/2 drive into the bush we came upon a circumcision ceremony. The Maasai then pointed us in an opposite direction about an hour away to search for the boy. It was dark, almost midnight,and we were tired. However,
we pressed on until we finally came upon a campfire with a gathering of armed Maasai warriors and among them was the "boy."

We took the warrior back to his brothers camp to get to know him. It was obvious that he was deep into moranship and respected among the fellow warriors. We enjoyed deepening our relationship and we offered him the opportunity to go to school but he told us that he could not leave moranship until he "graduated" in December. The boy confessed that he was still following Christ but that he must finish what he started. I have a gut feeling that like David in the Bible that God has a great plan for this guys life, I challenged him to seek after God hard and told him to contact my translator if God nudges him in a new we will have to wait and see how the story unfolds in the future.

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