Friday, April 23, 2010

How can I live a normal life...

after I have met so many people just trying find their next meal
after I have walked into a building of raped and abandoned women
after I have talked to victims of HIV
after I have spent time with people that are despised because of their tribal identity
after I have seen the smiles of poor shoeless children
after I have learned about rebels trying to annihilate a "low-class" tribe
after I have found out that their are numerous reachable tribes in areas of conflict
after I have discovered that a rebel group is killing people in the name of Christ
after I have been to a country notorious for kidnapping and brainwashing children
after I have stepped into a school of orphans that have lost parents in a senseless war
after I have felt the pain of genocide survivors
after I have spent the night in the decaying homes of the marginalized can WE live "normal" lives in a world with so many needs.