Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kenya Update

Things actually all gone as planned in Kenya...I think that is a first. Unfortunatley I can't upload video yet to let you see what is happening so you will have to settle for some bullet points. Here is the lowdown:

Day One
- Matt Maloney from Michigan and two Maasai Leaders met me in Nairobi

Day Two
- We met a blind missionary who started his own international ministry...VERY INSPIRING
- We did a Maasai Strategy Conference with Maasai Leaders in Maasailand
- We gave each Maasai Leader a Visual Strategy book to help them share the strategy with others
- We dreamed with Maasai Leaders about starting an Unusual Soldiers Basecamp in a central Maasai meeting place.
- Matt and I slept in a hut and noticed a fist sized spider crawling near Matt' pillow...Matt survived, but the spider died : )

Day Three
- We met Derry and his youth group (from Indiana) in a nearby town
- We took them to Maasailand in an area that had just performed a circumsicion ceremony
- Derry and many others shared stories of inspiration
- The youth group did some powerful dramas and testimonies
- I got to minister to some Maasai warriors hiding from the crownds in the bush!
- This was a great day becuz Derry's youth group played a significant behind the scenenes role in the Maasai project, and now they got to meet the Maasai face to face.
- Matt Maloney and two Maasai men were prayed off as the went to scout and minister in Tanzania
- I got to stay in the Maasai village with the warriors, and the Youth went to Nairobi

Day Four
- I am back in Nairobi
- Looked at puchasing a mobilizer (Motorcycle) for the Maasai today
- I will be meeting up with Derry tonight
- Derry and I will be flying off to Rwanda tommorrow

Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers. Our journey instencifies this week so please pray that God's will be accomplished!