Saturday, April 17, 2010


Rape is everywhere in the Congo. We met 15 victims who were seeking refuge in a prayer room. These women have been through a gauntlet of Hell and now sleep on a dirt floor, with a leaky tin roof, and with walls made out of tarps. Their stories were almost to painful to hear...
- one of them saw their entire family killed by rebels just two months ago
- most of them have been gang raped by rebels or goverment soldiers
- most of them have been labeled outcasts in society because of rape
- most of them were abandoned by their husbands
- many of them have gotten pregnant or have HIV as a result of rape
- despite their past, their abandonment and horrible living conditions, they have found hope and joy in Christ.

We were able to buy each of the women a mattress and I was amazed that for only $50-$100/mo we could provide these women with an adequate shelter to live in. Not sure where God is going to take this but what an opportunity to make a difference.

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