Monday, May 31, 2010


Fifteen women and their eighteen children huddle together every night in a small rented room partially made of tarps. The conflict in their country has forced all of them to homelessness. Most of them have been abandoned by their husbands and their society because they were raped by multiple rebels. As a result of the rape some are pregnant, others have HIV, and all of them carry haunting memories of the past.
This home/church called, Jehovah Jireh, is run by two visionary women who rent this small room for $30/month. They don’t have beds, the tin roof leaks on them, there is no bathroom, the noise from the mill next door is deafening. It’s as bad as it gets. Our team was blessed to give them new mattresses, but more must be done. These hurting women and children deserve a serious upgrade!

I was wrecked by their stories and their current living conditions and that is why I have decided to...go on a strike.
Strike from...Shaving (yeah,I am a little eccentric)

I have not shaved my beard since I met these women and have committed to abandon my razor until this urgent need is met. I am praying that God will put it on the heart of a person, a group, or a church to assist them with a new building. Jess is surprisingly on board with me, but she is eager for me to shave (especially the gray spots).

So here is my Strike Request:
I want to get these women into a new building! Please ask the Lord if He wants you to stand in the gap for them by helping them rent a building for $200/mo (or help them buy a building for apx. $10,000).

This commitment would require you to:
- make consistent wire-payments to Africa
- be dependable and diligent in your payments
- be committed for a minimum of 3/years
- to consider building a relationship with these victims or adopting them as a people group to continually invest in

Please contact Caleb or Jess at if you think God might be calling you.

Video here: