Monday, May 17, 2010

Here is your chance to do something Radical!

Our friends Derry and Janelle are on a mission. Not many will dare do what they are attempting because of the costs, the unknowns, and the commitment it involves. They are trying hard to adopt a child from Africa. This process can be very expensive, like $30,000 expensive. But the profound impact it can have on a child is well worth it. I would like to encourage you to pray about helping them make this happen in a creative way. Right now you can help them out by checking out their online Auction for Africa Adoption and bidding some outrageous amounts of money to help them raise the money to adopt their child. This auction only lasts until Wednesday so get your bid in quick and spread the word to others fast thorough facebook, email, and your blog!!!

In short, by you getting this:

You are helping them get this: