Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The past few months have been a whirlwind for Unusual Soldiers and unfortuantly that has left this site virtually untoucheded for a few months. So if you are visiting welcome back.    Things have been spinning so fast that it has been hard for me to stop to crunch out some fresh sentences for this blog, but I think that the tornado is about to pass and I hope to get back to keeping people in the loop of what God is doing.  In a nutshell here are some of the things that have been spinning around the past few months...
  1. Unusual Soldiers is now Unusual Soldiers, Inc. and is in the process of becoming a nonprofit
  2. Unusual Soldiers now has an international Headquarters/Training center in Franklin, Nebraska
  3. Unusual Soldiers purchased a rescue center for abandoned women in the Congo
  4. Unusual Soldiers is in the middle of producing and releasing its 2nd DVD this fall
  5. Unusual Soldiers partnered with KBM this summer for two intense training events in Nebraska
  6. Unusual Soldiers just got back from a scouting trip to the gypsies in Eastern Europe and is now strategizing next steps
  7. Unusual Soldiers is in the midst of launching its first discipleship training center in Kenya
  8. Unusual Soldiers is preparing to launch an Exodus (diciple making movement) in one of the darkest and most restricted areas on the planet this Spring
So that is what is spinning.  I am currently in Michigan speaking at a couple mission events helping a friend raise money for the dicipleship training center in Kenya.  God has already exceded his expectations and it appears that great days are ahead for the Maasai!

Life has never been so exciting...and so exhausting.