Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The $10,000 HQ

My wife and I were brainstorming different ways to get a ministry office outside of our house this year.  While we were brainstorming  this historic library in town came up for sell.  We figured that it was out of our price range, especially since it had a good roof, new storm windows, and a new furnace.  We  prayed about the building and offered $10, 000 for it.   We knew that we could not go any higher and a day later, as expected... we were denied.  However, a couple days later another potential buyer traveled 4 hours to look at the building and said that he really liked it but that he could not bid any higher, because he didn't want to bid against a Mission's Ministry.  So that day the seller of the property then called us and said, "You must have Somebody looking out for you."  And joyfully sold it to us for the $10, 000.