Friday, December 10, 2010


I have had some questions about our ministry since people have watched the DVD we sent out a couple weeks ago.  You will find the term UNUSUAL SOLDIERS deeply woven into the fabric of the DVD and you will find a quick blurb about KBM.  So hopefully this will clear up any confusion that some of you may have.

1.  What is Unusual Soldiers?
Unusual Soldiers is the passion of my life.  In a nutshell, its a ministry that focuses on taking the hope of Christ to dark, dangerous, and despised places worldwide.
2.  How does KBM fit into that?
KBM has embraced my unique calling as an itinerant and has given me the opportunity to awaken Unusual Soldiers across the country through training and speaking.  They have also given me the freedom to minister in dark places worldwide.
3.  Is Unusual Soldiers incorporated?
Yes, but it does not have a tax exempt status yet.
4.  Why did you incorprate Unusual Soldiers?
I often look at my life backwards and try to live without regrets and I felt that I would regret it later in life if I didn't incorporate.  I sense that it is a lifelong calling on my life and seemed like the right step.
5.  Why are gifts still funneled through KBM?
I am still a hundred percent committed to KBM.  They have a kindred spirit, a global vision, a staff that propels me, and a speaking team that ignites me.   KBM's administration team have blessed me a ton with our newsletters, reciepts, paper trails, editing, event bookings, etc.  We may funnel some global initiatives through UNUSUAL SOLDIERS, Inc. in the future, but as far as our personal support and speaking events we plan to continue to run through KBM.
6.  What does your partnership with KBM look like?
KBM and Unusual Soldiers have continued to slowly merge as Unusual Soldiers has gained more clarity in defining its purpose the past couple years.  You will now see Unusual Soldiers training events included in KBM's  Ministry Guides this year if you are on their mailing list. 
7. Do other itinerants have outside ministries?
Many of the Speakers are part of two ministries.  Some are pastors, denominational leaders, church planters, founders of nonprofits, chaplains, authors, etc.  Unusual Soldiers is simply what I would call my home-base ministry.  The main difference is that Unusual Soldiers currently runs everything under the KBM umbrella.