Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Retreat Recap

I recently got back from speaking at a retreat at Spring Hill in Michigan.  It was my kind of youth event for a variety of reasons.

1.  Derry Prenkert (Event Host)
Derry directed the camp  which meant that the kids would not be leaving with out dissecting what God was doing in their lives.  Derry and I go way back to the college days.  And even though we live 800 miles apart we have found ways to merge our  ministries together to attempt things for God that are way bigger than the both of us.

2.  Jonathan Seller (Worship Leader)
Jonathan led the worship and the two of us go way back as well.  He was in my youth group when I was a youth pastor.  He was one of the few that totally went after God hard from a young age.  After going to Moody Bible Institute he became a worship leader for an edgy service called The Venue and now he is planting a church in Michigan.  You can get his CD here.

3.  Jordan Pearson (Youth Pastor Worship Leader)
Jordan helped lead worship and his youth group.  Jordan was another one of those guys who went hard after God from an early age in my youth group.  He broke the box of the typical home schooler by going to Bethel, dressing stylish, and taking on a youth pastor job in Hawaii.  He is now a pastor at a church plant in Indiana.

4.  Mission-Minded Youth Groups
The group that I spoke to was hungry to hear and respond to God.  I love being around a group of people that are ready to live radical for God.  There were responses from coming to Christ to being called to missions.  It was a wild ride to watch God work.

5.  The In-laws
I got to see my in-laws who lived about an hour away.  They always say that when you marry the woman you marry the family, and I can honestly say that I am blessed to have in-laws that are passionate about the Lord.  My father-in-law will actually be imbarking on a mission trip with me to Asia in March.

6.  The Camp was Violent
Seriously, it had some cool testosterone filled events.