Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Unusual Soldiers Booth/Kite

We just got back from running an Unusual Soldiers Booth at a Switchfoot concert.  My untamed friend Brandon Heidemann "jumped off the cliff" and  hosted the concert at Red Rocks in Denver.  They did a great job pulling things together.  This was the earliest concert ever hosted at Red Rocks and miraculously the weather was pretty good. 

We definitely learned some do's and don'ts of hosting an outdoor booth.

1.  Don't fully rely on retractable banners.   They are basically kites and we broke two of them in about a half hour.
2.  Don't put loose paper on your table.  They will fly away...but maybe that is a sneaky way to do good marketing.

1.  Do bring string, sand bags, an outdoor tent, and a strong back.
2.  Do have girls help organize your table.
3.  Do go to the other more extreme vendors (Snowboarders for Christ) to "recruit"
4.  Do something outside of the box to get people to your booth
* Before the concert I got this idea of doing "Free Caricatures by an Untalented Artist".  My 64 year old Italian buddy,Tom,  volunteered for the job and it was a Big Hit.  Unfortunately, he was a better artist than I had hoped.

10 memorable types of people that came to the Unusual Soldiers Booth
1.  A kid with a 2 foot mohawk
2.  Guys from the Army and the Air Force academy
3.  People interested in Missions
4.  A few tatooed radicals
5.  A parajumper
6.  Some dude wanting to know if the girls at Stranded were hot
7.  A "worried" mother
8.  A Bridal Party (pictured above)
9.  YWAMers
10.  And quite a few "normal" people