Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Fighting Viking

An Undefeated Fighting Chicken -vs- Justin "The Viking" Wren

I met Justin "The Viking" Wren at one of our training events this summer.  He survived being STRANDED in Nebraska and is now with  a KBM team in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  Justin gained alot of  fame when he starred in Spike TV's, The Ultimate Fighter.  Justin has fought multiple times without tapping out in an MMA or a UFC fight.  However a little over a year ago he met the ULTIMATE FIGHTER, Jesus Christ, and he tapped out and committed his life to Him. 

Justin's life has been wrecked ever sense as he has begun to soldier for Christ.  I was blessed to watch Justin seize a moment in the DR to share Christ with some men gambling on the streets.  Before stepping up to them his palms were sweaty, but he refused to let fear have the final say.  This was a different kind of fight than he was use was spiritual.  When Justin approached them the crowd stopped gambling and they immediately circled Justin as he shared his testimony with them. 

Justin has the hard wiring of being an Unusual Soldier  for Christ and he will be traveling with me this August on what could be one of my most dangerous mission trips.  We will be ministering in war zone areas of the Congo, to rape victims, and to the unreached Maasai in Tanzania.  Please keep this Viking in your prayers as he steps forward to be boldly used by God.

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