Friday, June 17, 2011

Fire Hydrant

 "I don't think that God speaks to me in pictures," Sarai told me after her quiet time with the Lord.  I then asked her if the Lord had impressed anyone or anything on her heart as she spent time trying to listen to him.  She laughed and said,  " I did have an image of a fire hydrant come across my mind, but that was probably just me."

Moments later I took my team of four people down town to a place to rent motorcycle taxis.  We hopped on the bikes and told them to take us to a fire hydrant.  The drivers were a little confused so they took us to a river.  We had to tell them again that we were looking for a hydrant not a river.  As we were traveling Sarai sees a lone fire hydrant on the side of the we all stop.  It was just the five of us, a fire hydrant, and three confused taxi drivers.  A couple minutes later some "tough" guys come over to us and we begin to have a conversation with them.  Sarai sees the moment and seizes it, and to her amazement a couple of them receive Christ just 10 feet away from a fire hydrant.

 Sarai's paradigm was rocked that day as God revealed himself  in a way that she will never forget.  Welcome to the Crazy Club Sarai!