Friday, June 17, 2011


The last "Stranded" group took off a few hours ago.  When they arrived they were trembling with timidity. They didn't want to go through this "wilderness" test called Stranded.  They were stripped of their comfort zones and conveniences, they lived on next to nothing, and had to rely on each other for survival.  Some cried, some puked, but they all survived.

It was a wake-up-call to them when they realized that millions in the world live in those same situations  every single day, the only difference is that not everyone survives in the real world.  Many were convicted of selfish attitudes and character issues that needed to be adjusted.  They also came face to face with  fears and lies that were keeping them from being fully used by God.  It became obvious that their minds were spinning as they processed who they were at their core.

At the closing of our time together they made a a declaration of war.  They sang the song below with an eagerness to change the world for Christ.  These once weary timid souls drove away from my house today as soldiers ready for a fight.

Few songs capture the spirit an Unusual Soldier like this one...