Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For the Pygmies!

It’s hard to comprehend, a people group on the other side of the world that are so looked down upon that others have sought to annihilate and  cannibalize them. The Pygmies of Eastern Congo are a beautiful and innocent people, but their small stature and poor living conditions have made them into targets rather than individuals.  Rebels of the Congo have termed them as “worthless humans,” but we know that they are precious and invaluable to God.

In August, Justin Wren, Colin Reed, and myself  will be venturing 70km into the jaws  of the Congo jungle.  The jungles are danger-zones in the DRC.  They are full of corruption, rape,  kidnappings, greed, murder, and civil war.   It’s a real hell on earth, but we believe the cause is worth it.

The DR Congo has also changed the rules. They have not only made it tougher to get into their country, but they also have skyrocket prices on everything as well.  Its going to cost us a whoppin' $300 bucks a day to just rent an SUV.  But we have decided to move forward regardless of the surprises we have faced, because every expense just reminds me how valuable the Pygmies really are to God.  They are a priceless people well worth going broke for.

However, if you would like to support Justin or Colin as they embark on this journey with me then have at it.  They are trying to raise nearly $10,000 in two weeks you can fill out the support form below and send it into KBM.