Friday, August 26, 2011


Its a little strange to have a group of grown women,  from Jehovah Jireh, call me, "Daddy".  I didn't understand the term until my translator explained it to me.  He said that they call you "Daddy" because they see that God is using you to be their provider. 

It was a blessing to help these victims of the conflict buy a home last year, but after seeing their new  home our team realized that there were still needs to be met.

The women were walking miles every day (into a neighbring country) just to fill up water jugs.  They were also going days with little to no food.  The rescue center was growing with more women, more children, and more needs. And once again the Lord prompted our hearts to do more than leave them with only a prayer and message.

Deborah, an ambassador of Unusual Soldiers, shared the needs of her ministry with us and our team was able to bless them with a water tank, electricity, and sewing machines before we left.
The sewing machines were bought by Colin Reed to assist these women with the income necessary to help them sell their products as a means to put food on their tables for themselves and their children.

There are still many needs.  They still sleep with mats on the floor, they have no money to educate their children, some have died of AIDS, and outside of this rescue center and Jesus they see little hope for a successful future. 

Please continue to pray for these women and the ministry of Jehovah Jireh.