Friday, August 26, 2011


 As we traveled traveled through the forest in Eastern Congo my mind raced to all of the conflict and war that this country was going through.  We passed my numerous military officers, UN workers, and armored trucks.

I was unsure what I had gotten my team into, but there was one thing that we were sure of, the Pygmies were in desperate need of faith, hope, and love.

When we arrived in our first village, sounds of chants, flutes, and singing echoed in the distance.  As we got closer we walked by numerous igloo-like homes made out of leaves on the ground.

The Pygmies were called animals by other tribes because of the poor primitive lifestyle.  Other tribes have even sought to cannibalize and annihalate them in the recent years.  They were living a real life Hell, and are constantly on the move through the Jungle when rebels strike.

Our scouting trip to the Pygmies helped us gauge what their physical and spiritual needs were.  We were able to give every family some spices and encourage them in Christ.   There was a great response, but  we don't want to be the type of people that just blow in, blow up, and blow out.  We are praying for a lasting impact to be stowed upon these people, spiritually and physically.

One of my teammates, Justin Wren, felt an intense burden for the Pygmies and is currently praying about his next steps in helping the Pygmies.  His ideas have gone from building water wells for them, to living with them for a season, to dedicating his future MMA fights to them.

We are eagerly waiting for the Lord to give Justin and our team clarity on how to best assist them in the future.  We still believe that they are a people well worth risking for.