Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I am no expert on parenting.  I actually googled "parenting for dummies" the other day to see what I could find.  It is easy to get ambitious to impact the world and neglect the world that is around you each and every day.  I can easily get in the habit of  straining my brain so hard on advancing God's Kingdom that I come home brain-dead to three kids and a wife. So my wife has usually done most of the routine schedule things with our kids.

About a year ago I noticed that my oldest boy, Trace, was beginning to slowly drift from Daddy.  He was only three but we wanted to make some changes while he was young. We would wrestle and play alot, but we knew that we needed some kind of consistency.  Something that he would always be looking forward to.  So I sucked it up and became the bedtime story guy.

However, if I was going to be the "bedtime" story guy then I would need to read them out of a  Bible that I would actually enjoy.  On my search for the perfect "kids" Bible I stumbled on the Action Bible.  I love this thing and it has become a great tool in discipling my kids.  It was made by a MARVEL Comic artist so the story line and the Graphic's don't land in the "Cheesy Christian" Category.  Its actually written so well that every Bible Story transitions to the next.  It won't be long until Trace and I can say that we have read the whole Bible together!

Since we started this routine it changed our family dynamics and gave me a close bond with my little guy.  It was probably one of the best decisions that I have made as a father.  If your a parent of some little tykes then you might want to check it out.