Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fire Starters Fire me up

My favorite part of my past mission trip had nothing to do with what I did and everything to do with what I saw.  I saw ordinary guys from the United States push themselves and seize opportunities like never before.  They ignited sparks in many places that could one day erupt to being a raging fire for Christ.

Justin started a wrestling match in the middle of a market.  This gathered a huge crowd and just like the apostles of old he took on that moment and preached his guts out.

When Colin met the rape victims he couldn't help but pitch in a large amount of money to help them buy sewing machines. Previously to meeting Colin they had no way to support themselves, but now they do.

It was at a warrior village where I saw Matt seize one of the most profound opportunities of our trip.  After meeting the chief of the Maasai Moran warriors, Mattt spoke to him with a compassion to see lives changed.  Before their conversation was over the chief had come to the Lord with a desire to know and learn more.  This could have a wildfire impact on thousands in Tanzania.

Late one night some hecklers made it known to the women of the village that no one was to receive Christ after my message.  I was tired and defeated, but to our surprise the hecklers came to visit us.  Todd engaged them in a life changing conversation and all of them seemed to genuinely respond to Christ.

Rene was a flight attendant.  He had never been on a mission trip before, but he came more prepared than any of us.  He blessed so many people with gifts from America.  He came ALIVE throughout the trip and he didn't miss a beat when he walked by a group of people deeply rooted in witchcraft.  His game face was on.

This was Ben's first trip to Africa and he was ready to go.  He seized an unplanned opportunity to speak to a group that was gathered at a circumcision ceremony.  He captured the moment and many responded.

Dustin had been waiting for this trip for a long time.  He always looked for opportunities that were missed by others.  A large crowd was spoke to at a village, but the warriors left as soon as the speaking began.  Dustin followed the warriors, engaged in conversation,  and lives were changed as a result.

I saw one of our guys, Josh, begin to discover his personal purpose in life as he got up to share with others at a new Church plant in the bush of Tanzania.