Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So what do you do when you are sitting in a small two-gate airport waiting for your flight and in walks Kimbo Slice...KIMBO SLICE.  I was stunned when I saw this beast of dude walk by me with his comrades.  I had heard alot about KIMBO from my UFC buddy Justin, but I had never intended to "bump" into him.  I was stunned to see him there so I figured that I had better google him and come up with a "game plan."  As I googled him I quickly found the video below about a fight that he had the previous night in Grand Island, Nebraska.  To make this dude even more intimidated I learned that some the fight entourage that was with him consisted of a "pimp" who runs a well known X-rated cable channel.

Kimbo hammered his opponent the night before and there was no telling what he would do to me if I dared mentioned the word "Jesus" to him.  But I was over taken with conviction that not talking to him would be a missed opportunity. 

After going to the bathroom numerous times.  I finally MANED UP and approached him.  I talked to him about my friend, Justin "The Viking" Wren, and gave him my Unusual Soldiers business card.   I pointed to the card and told him that I had written a couple scriptures on it that I felt that the Lord had given me.  Then I found myself inviting  him on a mission trip with me overseas next summer.  I don't even know if the dude is a believer.

At the end of our short conversation he punched me...well kind of....he pounded my knuckles and told me, "Thanks for the love, man." 

I think that convo with KIMBO may tie some of my scariest moments on the mission field.  But it was worth it.  Imagine if a dude like Kimbo got fired up about Christ and impacting the world.  That would be insane.