Saturday, November 5, 2011

Death of a Legend

When my wife and I found out that Jack D died this morning our hearts were broken.  Jack was not your ordinary guy.  He never let his age or his health issues stop him from investing in the lives of young people.  When I was a rookie youth pastor he would often be the one that I would call at times for guidance and encouragement.  He was the Hero to many young people and his humor and quick wit were unmatchable.  He even let me dress him up like "YODA" for a youth event once.  He really was a one and only, a rarity, a legend, and a Goldy friend that we will never forget.

Many great memories my young hearted friend.  You will be greatly missed when we make our Port Huron visits.  We look forward to seeing you on the shores of Heaven and  I hope that you can cut a deal with the Lord to catch a glimpse of all the people that you have impacted down here.