Monday, November 28, 2011

EVERYBODY'S GRANDMA (Jan 2,1919-Nov 15,2011)

I don't know many 92 year old's who are as active as my grandma Peggy was.  My grandma was one of those ladies who refused to slow down despite what her aging body told her.  She still drove her car with a "lead-foot" and never felt the need to move to an "assisted living" residence.  She was as tough and strong-willed as they come.

She was the kind of Grandma that every grand kid  hopes for.  She visited our house every afternoon and spent hours reading our children books on the couch and even on the floor.  We were starting to think that she was invincible, but after a fall in her house a few weeks ago her body took a drastic turn for the worse and she made her grand entrance into heaven.

You were a GREAT Grandma to many and you will be forever loved and missed!

Here are some interesting facts about the one-and-only Grandma Peggy:
  • Peggy outlived all twelve of her siblings.
  • Peggy began dating Harry at the age of sixteen.  He was seven years older.
  • Peggy began elementary school at age four and graduated at age sixteen.
  • Governor Nelson once called her personally to apologize for his dog's behavior at a luncheon in Lincoln.
  • Peggy was a telephone operator in California.
  • Peggy was a nanny for movie star, Eddie Cantor.
  • Peggy was born Ella Fetty, but her brothers nicknamed her "piggy" which turned into "Peggy" and it kinda stuck so she legally changed her name!
  • Peggy went to college with Esther Williams, movie/swim star.
  • Peggy loved to dance. In fact, a young Harry once swirled young Peggy's feet right through the window of his house. (I'm sure this made her future inlaws really happy.)
  • A few weeks after they were married, Harry left for the war and they didn't see each other until four and a half years later.
  • Harry and Peggy faithfully exchanged letters during his time at war.  His letters were written in a special code to let her know where he was stationed.
  • Peggy’s children and grandchildren could never convince her to wear a pair of blue jeans or pierce her ears.
  • Peggy took her first four wheeler ride at age 92
  • Peggy became a mentor for high school students in her 80's
  • Peggy introduced my mom to a bible study that changed the course of my families life.
  • Peggy won the good neighbor award in Franklin
  • When Peggy got sick she urged Caleb to still go to Romania.  As a result an eight year old girl will be receiving a surgery that will give her sight for the first time.  All of the memorial money will also be going towards this little girls surgery.
  • Peggy's strength and vigor to the end of her days were an inspiration to us all (Joshua 14)