Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Romania 2011 (BIG FIVE)

After  trips overseas I try to throw down the BIG FIVE experiences of my trip.  There were a ton of superb moments on this trip and many of them started before we even got to Romania.  The way God orchestrated this trip was amazing to say the least.  A little over a month ago I was trying to decide if this trip would be a "go" because of a lack of funds and a lack of contacts but the Lord provided a cheap plane ticket, a team, and a gypsy contact all in the matter of a few days.

We went to Romania with two burdens. A burden for the ostracized Roma (Gypsy) people and a burden for those on the streets trapped in human trafficking.  Our team also had a far-fetched-dream to one day buy a farm somewhere in Romania that would eventually rescue, restore, and disciple prostitutes stuck on the streets.  Now that I look back on that trip I am amazed at how God met all those dreams and burdens.

I will unpack the BIG FIVE later but here is a sneak-peak: 

  1. Helping an eight year old Gypsy girl see for the first time
  2. Ministering in a home that was rented out as a Brothel
  3. Descending into a manhole to visit the drug addicts under the streets of Bucharest
  4. Speaking at Gypsy Churches and visiting a very underprivileged Gypsy village
  5. Watching Brooke minister to a woman trapped in the vicious cycle of prostitution/drugs
  6. *BONUS* The Rescue Farm!!