Sunday, November 6, 2011

What is Unusual Soldiers?

"What is Unusual Soldiers?"  I started asking that question after an aged gentlemen labeled myself and some potential church planters by that title in Arkansas, 12 years ago.  Those two words have "haunted me" in a Goldy way.  They have never left me and I don't think that they ever will.  Since, that moment I have been seeking clarity from the Lord as to who or what  UNUSUAL SOLDIERS  actually is.  After a decade of journaling, traveling, praying, training, and seeking advisers I think that I have finally found the answer that I have been looking for.

I just finished an "explanation" video on Friday and I hope that this video helps those that are curious catch the vision of what Unusual Soldiers is all about.  I did my best to make my scattered thoughts...simple....hopefully.  DVDs should be hitting some of your mailboxes by the end of the month...God willing.