Thursday, December 8, 2011

Interview with John Lamos

I recently did an interview with my tatooed buddy , John Lamos, for a school project.  I figured that I would post it here to help shed some light for our ministry partners and other curious minds.

1. How has God broken your heart for people in a broken world?

I have always had a heart for the lost in America but 6 years ago God placed a BURDEN in my heart for a people group in Africa and after visiting them he BROKE it when I began to realize how many lost people were ready to respond to the gospel in areas that had never heard about Christ.

2. Was there a certain moment or situation where God slammed into your heart and you started to break for people in a new way?

Lots of them. One of those times took place years ago at a restraunt. I had this strange compelling to minister to the waiter but I chickened out and let the opportunity slip by. That following week a girl in our youth group died and next to her obituary in the paper was the obituary of the waiter. I later found out that he had committed suicide. I swelled up in tears and conviction and drove back to the restraunt. I gave a track to every employee that I could find. I told them that I missed an opportunity once and that I wasn't going to do it again.

3. How do you live out a life of compassion?

I have been traveling the world the past 6 years to nearly 30 countries and have done my best to bring the hope of Christ to the lost and suffering by launching disciple-making movements and doing a variety of humanitarian initiatives among them. Every trip I see people in pain and I do my best to get people back in America to support their needs spiritually and physically.

4. Has God given you a vision for the future? Where do you feel like you're headed?

I started a ministry called UNUSUAL SOLDIERS and we are on a mission to start ten basecamps in 6 continents that will train nationals to launch movements in dark, dangerous, and despised places. I have also developed three 'outside-of-the-box' training programs for Americans that are geared to train and prepare Christ followers to take the hope of Christ to dark, dangerous, and despised people worldwide.

5. How important is discipling and raising up people behind you to live this heart of compassion and love for people?

It is everything. Its not a movement if I am just a one-man-band. If movements are going to be launched in these places then its going to take the Holy Spirit and an army. Every where I speak my heart is set on abolishing the American dream and mobilizing people to dark, dangerous, and despised places.

6. Is there a group of people that God has specifically broken your heart for?

Our ministry, UNUSUAL SOLDIERS, focuses on those places that others ignore or fear (dark, dangerous, or despised places). Some of those places include rape victims in the Congo, areas of cannibalism, the tafficked children/girls in Eastern Europe, homosexuals, third world prisons, Restricted Countries in Asia, bush tribes, areas of war, etc.

7. If there was one last thing you could say to a younger generation about living out God's heart what would it be and why?

Courageous Christians are becoming an endangered species. My challenge to them would be for them to read the book of ACTS, get inspired, and be the generation that turns the tide. Here is a quote from Thom Rainer that gives me hope that this generation will shake things up:

"According to our research, as few as 4 percent of the 72 million Bridger generation may have a born-again experience. Yet that 4 percent will practice a radical Christianity. They will take their faith more seriously than previous generations. And many will go into dangerous mission fields, willing to give their lives for the sake of the gospel.The Bridger generation will not be satisfied with business as usual in the churches. And those churches that desire to reach the second-largest generation in America ’s history better be prepared to give more than lip service to the cause of Christ. These young people are shaking life up in many churches. "

8. What are some projects you are currently working on right now?
  • We are trying to start a Rescue Farm for trafficked victims in Romania
  • We built a discipleship center in Kenya last year to assist nationals in discipling new believers from the bush
  • We recently bought a home for homeless rape victims in the Congo and are continually trying to improve it
  • We are continuously doing international conferences to help nationals launch movements
  • I am attempting a book project that will help launch people
  • We also have a few ministry advocates coming up with some fresh dreams and visions as well.