Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I've noticed that on numerous mission trips that warnings have been  given to us right before we leave for our target area.  I must be wired weird, because when I hear these warnings I often sense them as a confirmation that I am going to the right place.  Here are some of those "don't go there" moments that I remember.  If you have gone on a trip with me and remember any "don't go there moments" that I forgot, feel free to email it my way.  I guess I am just one of those guys that likes to go looking for "trouble."

Honduras-  Today I discovered that the peace corps just got dimissed from there.  So I received some words of caution today because we leave for there in six days.

Vanuatu-  We were told by three individuals that the tribe that we wanted to minister to was forbidden.

Asia - We were warned that the area that we were going to was a place of terrorism

Guatemala-  We were warned not to get dropped off in the middle of Guatemala City, then when we warned that  Povancito prison was extremely dangerous, then we were cautioned by the prison guards before visiting the prisoners in solitary.

Kenya -  On my first trip to the Maasai I learned that they were killing members of the Kikuyu tribe, commuters, and burning down tourist shops in the exact area that I was called to go
On another trip we were warned not to go  because of the deadly conflict that took place during the election
On another trip the Mongeki's (sp?) had dug a trench across the road that we were suppose to be on and were randomly killing people.

Eastern Europe - People laughed at us and told us not to go into Gypsy ghettos numerous times because they would steal from us.

Asia - I was cautioned not to minister in a brothel (known for human trafficking) because they would take my bags.

Asia - I was informed that if I went to a certain part of Asia that they would run me off the cliff'ed roads beacuase I was a Christian.

Rwanda -  I was cautioned because of the horrific genocide that took place there in the 90's.

Democratic Republic of Congo - Three times Africans from neighboring countries warned us not to go there saying that it was a  modern day holocaust.