Friday, February 3, 2012

Honduras 2012 Favorite Moments

This dangerous few below were some of the participants at our Unusual Soldiers conference last week in Honduras.  For the first time in history these four denominations joined hands and endeavored to launch movements in remote areas around Copan, Honduras.

Here is a list of my top five greatest moments...

5.  Watching People come alive.  Its such a beautiful thing to watch lightbulbs come on.  The heart of these people lit up as we tapped into discovering their personal callings.  They embraced the Unusual Soldiers training, wanted to get it translated, and some hoped to train their churches as well.

4.  Watching Dad give his testimony (of coming to Christ in a bar) while the owner of the local bar was listening in. That was an awesome moment at our impromptu service.  The bar owner, Mario, never made a decision, but I think his heart is softening and I am hoping that his bar will be a church in the near future.  : )

3.  Last year when I was in Honduras  we had a powerful encounter while ministering to a woman in a hut.  The presence of God was thick as we prayed for her father who had gotten tragical burned.  When we went to revisit her this year she was amazed when we came around the corner. She told me that she had dreamed about us coming to revisit her the night before...  without any knowledge that we would ever be back.  I love it when God supernaturally confirms that we are in the right place!

I think that the Lord has a powerful calling for this generous woman.  She was so full of light and just happened to be related to a member on our team.  I think I smell a disciple-making movement on the horizon!

 2.  This family lived in a bar and it took some convincing and praying before my translator felt a peace about going in.  There were many disruptive drunks in the bar but in the background was this woman.  She was a mother of "four" and was married to the bartender.  She was really suffering because of her situation and our translator's heart began to break for this woman as they conversed.  Things got uneasy because of the drunks so we left.  However...

The next day I went back with another translator and Carlos, a  guy who was somewhat new to missions.  I encouraged the "newbie" that I wanted him to take the lead and he nervously went for it.   Despite his fear, God used  him to have a profound impact on this woman and led her to the Lord.  It felt so genuine and real.  She was actually the only person to respond to the gospel in that entire village.  Praise God that we dared to enter.

 1.  At the close of our training sessions we often have people declare "new names" that they trust are from the Lord.  I almost canceled this part of the training because of time, but I am glad I didn't.  If I would have I would have missed the highlight of my trip.

When our translator and coordinator, Marcia, got up and declared herself, "A Miracle of God," I was nearly brought to tears.   She has quite a life story and has been through her fair share of valley's in life.  Her story is too long to tell in this post, but with her permission I hope to one day post it on my blog, so you can come to grips with why those words were so  POWERFUL and PERFECT for her!  God has got his hand on her in a profound way and I believe that God is going to use her to have an incredible impact on  the world despite her past!

"The greater the struggle the more glorious the triumph!"- Showman from Butterfly Circus