Tuesday, August 28, 2012

120mph to 0mph in One Day

One of the biggest rushes in skydiving is deploying the parachute.  You go from nearly a 120mph to nothing in a second or two.  I feel like that is what I have just done.  This summer has been non-stop action: Two Stranded Training events, Two Camps, Two Mission Trips, and cramming hard to make a book deadline.  Now everything has suddenly slowed down.  Sometimes its hard to find yourself in the sudden stop after going so hard.  It can be almost depressing if you don't prepare yourself for it.

However, one of the beautiful things about the sudden stop in skydiving is the panorama.  In the days ahead I hope to give you a panorama view on what the Lords has been doing the past few months.  So many things have happened in such a little amount of time.  Lets see if I can cram them all into this blog before the next big leap.