Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Justin Returns from Congo's Jaws

Justin Wren, a friend of mine that went with me on a scouting trip to the Congo last summer has just returned home from his second trip.  Before Justin left for the Congo he had the opportunity to speak at a summer church camp.  While he was at the camp he met a student that wanted to go with him to the Congo.

Justin called me and asked if I thought that it would be wise to take a high school student to a place filled with constant chaos and physical threat.  I told him that I wouldn't take a student UNLESS the student was 18 years old and his name was Shane - Shane was a student that I met at the same camp years ago who seemed to have an extremely strong commitment to the Lord.  To make a long story short, his name was Shane, and his 18th birthday was a couple weeks before Justin's trip.  So the Lord confirmed that Justin was to take Shane and God did a powerful work while they were there.

Here is his written story on an MMA website.

Here is a video of Justin's wake up call moment: