Friday, September 7, 2012

STRANDED 2012 (eXperience team)

The Unusual Soldiers training center was attacked by 27students and nearly 10 leaders this summer from all over the United States.  We basically split them up into four different Stranded groups to make the dynamics of this thing work.

The students survived a rainstorm, cold nights, and all of the crazy challenges that go with the unpredictability of Stranded.

One person that really stands out is a student named Amberly.  She was spiritually solid, but roughing it was not her idea of fun.   She hit several low moments while camping in their makeshift tent.  She was ready to call it quits, but she kept persevering.  She faced off with fear by going into the "creature cave."  However, she really struggled when she was given the option to leave the camp or break an egg that said "salvation of the tribe" on it.   She knew that the egg was just a symbol and that no ones real salvation would be at stake if the egg was broken so she initially decided to break the egg by throwing it down... twice.  For some wild reason it did not break.  The third time, Amberly gazed at her egg and made the bold decision to throw a different egg against a tree labeled "passport."  She yelled as she threw it, "I HATE THESE STUPID WOODS!."  Crushing her passport egg against the tree mean't that she would be staying in the woods another night with her teammate Ashley.

Later that day, Amberly was approached with yet another VERY difficult decision that would allow her to relieve her last teammate from the woods. This would mean that Amberly would be staying at her campsite alone for an entire night.  Ashley QUICKLY and SELFLESSLY made the sacrifice to relieve her friend and was ready to face off with the woods alone.  Her battles were evident, but her selfless character really began to shine through.

It was in the Domincan Republic when Amberly gave a message that everyone really began to see the explosive potential that was inside her.  She is well on her way to being a real  world-changer.