Friday, September 7, 2012


We had an amazing group come out for our first Stranded event.  My ghostwriter Ted Kluck was able to join us for part of the event so some of the individuals that were apart of this group will make into a book coming out next summer entitled Dangerous.  

Students traveled from Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, and as far as Indiana and Michigan.  This group was put to the test and they took on the extreme challenges without a complaint - which is very unusual.

One of the best stories out of this training event was Bradley.  The last time that Bradley went camping was in middle school.  He was camping near a lake with his family and a close friend.  Late that night his friend was tragically ran over by a vehicle while sleeping.  He had never been camping since.  When the team arrived we asked him where his risk level was at on a scale of one to ten.  One being - I always play it safe; Ten being - I always take extreme risks.  "I am a ONE," he stated, "I never take risks."  By the end of training Bradley was a rock star.  He took on challenges with great courage and by the end of the week he "changed" his name to Risky Heart and changed his risk level to a FIVE (someone willing to take risks for a worthy cause).  He began to see the value and the need to take risks if he was going to allow God to fully use him.

Many other great stories surfaced that week, but Bradley's courage to come and be a part of something as intense as Stranded will always stand out.  Now Bradley will surface as one of the main characters in a book.  Who would have thought?