Thursday, September 13, 2012


As I look back at our first official SUBMERGE training event here are my personal big five moments:

1.  Ministering along side our "adopted daughter." God used her to bridge so many gaps with people on the streets and devout followers of other religions.

2.  Ministering at the notorious red-light district in Nairobi only to discoer that many of the women were single moms who feared God but did not know how else to survive (see Franklin County Chronicle article for below for more information).

3.  Speaking at a market that we were warned could turn hostile if we mentioned Jesus. Two people received Christ despite the numerous jeers from the crowd.

4.  Spending the night at very remote and an unreached Maasai village in Tanzania.  They slaughters a goat for us and welcomed us into their village for the night.  Our team seized the opportunity to share the hope of Christ with them and they responded with open arms even expressing their desire for a church in their community.

5.  Meeting up again with Chief Most at our Unusual Soldier's training center.  He is now being discipled and will be an enormous influencer for Christ throughout unreached areas of Maasailand.

* Bonus*  Watching everyone on our team come alive and seize different opportunities throughout the trip.  Everything mentioned on the post prior to this one is what I live for!