Friday, September 7, 2012


Ministering along side the Experience students is always one of my favorite parts of the summer.  I saw so much potential in so many of the students.  The team got to minister in the Dominican Republic at a school that rehabilitates students on the fringe and to nationals in Haiti.  My primary job is to get to know, teach, and invest in the students - so basically I get to do what I love and I don't really see it as a job.

Some of the best moments of the international stage were:

1.  Watching the fringe students pray over an Experience student that was struggling with an addiction.
2.  Watching many of the students break away from timidity and insecurities as they  began to take initiative, specifically: Amberly at the village, Ashley at CMA, Jonathan at the village, Chelsie at the Beach, Biff at the village, Julia at CMA and many others.
3.  Learning how God got a hold of Destiny'e life years ago at a camp in Hawaii that I spoke at, and seeing where she is at today.
4.  Watching Kirsten come to full realization that she has a voice and that God can use her despite her smaller stature.
5.  Teammin' up with my sister overseas.
6.  Watching Marcia share her testimony about her leg with a crippled man on the beach.
7.  Seeing Lyndsey grow in confidence of who she is and how God made her as she shouted her new name off the balcony.
8.  Meeting like-hearted students on the team who sense a call to dark, dangerous, and despised places.