Friday, October 19, 2012


This is a report from the speaking event that I just had at the US Naval Academy - thank you for everyone who lifted it up in your prayers!  I had an outstanding time speaking to a group of people who fully understood the meaning of having a cause worth dying for.  The picture to the left is the "campus" chapel.  It is an amazing piece of history and I was privileged to speak at the protestant services on Sunday morning.  Here were some of the highlights from the event:
  • Hearing the heart of Chaplain Cash. He was the real deal - nephew of Johnny Cash, author of A Table at the Presence, and he served as Obama's Pastor for a season at Camp David.  His heart for the gospel was very evident. 
  • The Lord allowed me to speak at the main services about the importance of facing our fears and having courage in our faith.  After the services I discovered that Admiral Mike Mullen was there - the recently retired highest ranking military officer in the United States.  He was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and was Obama's military advisor.  He is the man behind Obama dressed in kaki in the iconic war room photo of Osama's invasion.
  • Speaking at Sunday school to a wide variety of people about the importance of intimacy with God.
  •  I had the opportunity to speak to the Midshipmen at a contemporary service on Sunday night and at a Food and Faith gathering over the noon hour on Monday.  There were many responses at both services.  Sunday night many committed to engaging people with spiritual eyes and intent when they are deployed to dark and dangerous places world wide. The Monday service was a time when many of them committed to being a follower of Christ rather than merely someone who believes in Christ.  There was a man of high influence who attended the 'Food and Faith' service for the first time.  The Lord must have worked in his heart because he stated that he was looking forward to coming to the next one.
  • I had the opportunity to get to know Chaplain Cash's boys and was impressed at the depth of their faith.  It gave me great hope as a traveling father that my children can grow up to be genuine followers of Christ as I continue to put effort into their spiritual lives when I am home and prayerfully when I am gone.  I am hoping that one of his sons will get to join me in a training event in the future.
Thanks again for all of the prayers!
Here is a video of Chaplain Cash's testimony from the front lines of Iraq.