Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bear Grylls Survival Academy Recap

Biggest Fear Going in:
I am the kind of guy who gets cold in the middle of the summer so crossing rivers in freezing temperatures was a huge fear going in.  But I survived, and three of us (Dan and Luke) even took a frozen plunge just for fun one night.

High Points:
1. Freezing all night in our man made shelters (Yes those are high points for me).
2. Learning the Priorities of Survival from world renown mountain guides that see the value of empowering and equipping others.
3. Watching how Bear Grylls graciously interacts with the media, his team, and  his "trainees."  He is full of positive energy and is a real servant leader.
4. Eating Rat, Maggots, "sea food," and drinking my....
5.  Watching my teammate, Luke, not give up trying to  start a fire with his flint and all natural materials.  He hit a wall early in the week, but after he started the team's fire he said, "lighting this fire just made everything worth it!"
6.  Sharing with the media why survival training was so important to me.  It has a lot to do with rescuing people like this.
7.  And of course engaging in some deep spiritual conversations with nonbelievers .

Low Points
1. Failing in doing a regain on the rope crossing - but I will conquer that beast soon (with a backpack on!)
2.  Watching my mind tank in the end because I went too "rambo" in beginning  (cutting multiple trees down with a knife, refusing to eat a few packaged meals, refusing to use a sleeping bag, didn't drink enough water, not sleeping due to jet lag, etc.)
3.  Losing my water bottle right before our final 36 hour challenge and having to humbly ask someone else for a drink.
4.  Realizing that I am not in the same physical shape that I use to be.  Time to get fit again!

The Trip in One Word:
PERFECT.  From an educational standpoint it was everything that I hoped for and I am eager to pass on the teaching to others!  This training experience fits perfectly into what the ministry of Unusual Soldiers is trying to accomplish.