Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Here were my Big Five moments from our trip this past August

1.  Witnessing the unleashing of a movement in Maasiland.
Our team had the privilege to go to a celebration of a newly elected government official (MCA).  The master of ceremony was none other than Moses Mparia - our ministry partner and ally.  The newly elected official was a man that one of our partners had prayed for nearly a year prior.  It was such a blessing to be able to witness the answer to that prayer.  We were amazed by the thousands of Maasai that gathered, and even the Vice President of Kenya was on the schedule to be a guest speaker (arriving by helicopter).  However, he had an urgent distress call and was unable to come.  While all that was exciting, perhaps, my favorite moment was when a man was given the platform to preach to the thousands of Maasai gathered.  I was blessed, because we had trained this man years ago and here he was proclaiming Jesus to thousands of Maasai.

2. Fruition of a Vision
Our team spent some time listening for the Lord's voice before heading into the Hadzabe tribal region.  As we were praying I sensed that there was something significant about a man of the village with two daughters.  It all made sense after we spent our first day with the Hadzabe.  The most outstanding hunter of the tribe that sported baboon fur on his head was the only man with two daughters.  It was evident that he was a leader.  We gave him a really strong knife (the infamous LMF2) and spent time investing and ministering to him and those gathered.

3. Introverts Unleashed
This was the first time that I took a mostly all introverted team with me overseas.  While we were in a Datoga village it was also the first time that they all really came alive.  After days of travel and ministry it appeared that their timidity had been broken.

4. Our Rastafarian guide
It was strange to have a Rastafarian guide in the middle of Tanzania, but we would have it no other way.  Our guide for the Tanzania part of our trip quickly learned that we weren't their for tourism.  He was not a professing Christian, but he loved translating our message of hope to the people of the bush.  At the close of our time together.  He smiled and said that one day he would become a Christian, but not yet.  We didn't press him, however, we were blessed that he saw something in us that he desired.

5.  Sending Charlie out to the wild
The ultimate goal for me is to mobilize people.  As our scouting team was leaving the Hadzabe tribe with a memory, Charlie, a young man from last years team was heading in with a vision.  At only 21 years old Charlie headed in with some African partners to minister to the people of the land.  Charlie has a longstanding plan to begin a disciple making movement among this people group that has in the past chosen to reject Christianity.  Rumor has it that he is back in the states now so I will be getting the lowdown soon.