Thursday, December 19, 2013

Demolishing My Comfortzone

Dangerous Teaser from Caleb Bislow on Vimeo.

Its been said that "I jumped off the cliff" by leaving for a solo trip to Africa in 2005. My senses were on overload and the tribe I was reaching out to had recently finished a battle against its neighboring tribe over water rights.

Here is a video from that trip that I took in my tent late one night.  We had hiked a long ways that day and I was totally spent, but I decided to record what happened anyway.   With a cheap camera and a flashlight in my face, I pushed record and began to speak until...(watch  video).

 I think it's safe to say that I felt 8,000 miles out of my comfort zone, but God moved in amazing ways and my life was redefined forever.  Its been a wild ride since that moment and Im so glad now that I did not let my fear keep me from that trip.  I hope to keep demolishing my comfort zone in the future and I dare you to do the same. No regrets.